Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Writers' Conference

I just got back from the Writing for the Soul conference in Denver, Colorado this week. It was a blast! For those of you that went, a little reminder, don't forget to send out your thank you's to all the editors, agents, mentors etc. that you met with. Even the ones who said, "No thank you."

For those who did not go, see link above to find out when the next CWGC is next year. max Lucado was there and inspired us to keep writing. Or start writing in your church bulletin if you have to. That's how Max started, and people's lives were touched.

Phil Vischer reminded us that "When God gives you a dream and the dream dies, He's just trying to see who's more important to you." He also asked us if we carried the ambitions of what we wanted to do for God in our hearts. He said if we did then let them die on the alter. "When you do this, you will finally be fit for Him to use."

Phil also talked about fruits of the Spirit. That they are not an obligation but things that come out of a Christian naturally as they walk with God.

The last thing Phil reminded us about was that Noah actually walked with God for 500 years before God ever called him to build the ark. Hear that? Noah walked with God for 500 years. Walked. 500 years. Then God called him. Got it?

Jim Watkins talked about "I have a dream." He gave Joseph as a reference to those that have dreams.
1. The dream is received-Write a mission statement. Write your dream.
Joseph ran around talking about the dream he had of his brothers and parents bowing to him.

2. The dreamer is refined--Joseph was a tattler and braggart, wearing his nice coat all over the place, even to the dirty sheep fields. But God stripped Joseph of his coat...the symbol of his dream. See that? The symbol of his dream, not the dream.

3.The dream needs to be re-sized--Joseph's brothers did bow down but the bowing was not the final end of that dream. It was the saving of a nation and the line of the Messiah.

4. The Dream is revealed--Imagine an unknown multitude bowing before Christ and thousands of people are there because of your dream.

Kendra Smiley reminded us to make our "Next right choice." She also said, "Worry consumes priceless energy. Worry is a lack of faith. Preparation can eliminate worry."

Kendra talked to us about the song that God has placed in each of our hearts. She said, "When you sing the song that God placed inside of you, you are in fact glorifying God."

Nice huh?

Let me leave you with this scripture today:

Colosians 1:29 To this end I (Paul) labor, struggling with all His (God's) energy, which so powerfully works in me.

Tell me, what are you laboring in or worrying about?

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