Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Giving Blood--And I Didn't Get a Shirt

So I went to give blood this weekend with Handsome. He didn't want to go by himself. Good hubby that. Always tries to take someone with him. So this time it was me.

The first time I tried to give blood, It didn't go so well. Vein took a powder. The second time and all went just peachy. So I felt reasonably confident in my chances this time as well.

I did all the usual Q&A and slid onto the cart. "Left or right arm is best for you?"

"Umm, doesn't matter."

Now that I think of it, maybe it does.

So they swabbed my left arm and away we went. The stick was a quick sharp pain that lasted all of a micro second. The blood flowed bright red into the bag. "Oh wait."
(isn't that artery blood?)The phlebotomist fished around with the needle until the proper dark-red blood began to fill the bag...and then stopped.

Yup, just stopped. Just like *snap* that.

They called over the older phlebotomist, who proceeded to turn and maneuver the needle in my arm. "Is your arm getting sore?"

I should have gritted my teeth when I said "No."

Meanwhile, Handsome sat across from me squeezing the ball in his hand and grinning at me while his bag filled.

"Hmm, seems to have slowed down," said the older phlebotomist. "No, wait." This went on for several seconds while two other phlebotomist tried to decide if it was flowing or not. Finally the older one said, "No it's gone. Well, thanks for trying Mrs. Takamiya. I'm sorry, but you'll probably have a lovely bruise."

"Don't worry," I said. "I'm a writer. I'll come up with a great story to regale all those kids who are going to admire my lovely bruise. It will involve a dark alley and a phlebotomist."

I'm not sure anyone smiled, except Handsome.

Out came the needle and up went my arm. I held it there a minute or so as she went to get a bandage. Soon after, I joined Handsome at the snack table. He was cramming the ham and cheese sandwiches down his throat along with Chocolate Chip cookies and bottled water. Handsome took a breath, "Too bad they don't have shirts this time."

"What? I don't even get a shirt?"

I watched him eat his third Chocolate chip cookie as I ate a bag of pretzels. I grabbed a tiny juice to take home to my daughter and told Handsome it was time to go.

Out of three attempts to give blood, I've only been successful once. That one success will keep me going back. A little encouragement is all it takes for a person like me to do something slightly crazy. Too much encouragement, however, and we will do something completely insane, like...give birth 5 times.

Do you have any bloodletting stories? Share them here!

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K.M. Weiland said...

Only a writer! I've yet to give blood, but I have an upcoming story idea that hinges around it, so I should probably go in for some first-hand research.