Saturday, November 28, 2009

Groupie Hubbies

Today I got to thinking about something. Hubbies. You know those male humans we are married to. Groupie Hubbies are the husbands married to artist wives. The painter, singer, writer etc. They are the behind-the-scene support to the women up front. Like Sarah Palin's hubby, Todd.

These hubbies get very little credit and almost no publicity. Yet they stand tirelessly behind-the-scenes lifting the wife to the heights for which her career demands. For this reason I would like to say "Thank you," to you wonderful spouses who make our unusual lives possible.

I thank God for my hubby, Patrick who when asked if I can attend a conference or retreat, says "Yes, go ahead. I'll drive you."

I think it takes a special man to be married to a writer wife. After all, it can take several years to write and sell a book. And most of that between time is filled with rejection and supposed proof that you're not a least to the untrained eye.

The statistics say that from a time a writer begins to truly take their writing seriously, to publication there is a span of twelve years and a drawer full of rejection slips.

Now those of you who just got discouraged, DON'T! Just understand that your career, like most career's is a journey. One in which you have the privilege to share with someone who supports you.

Remember, this post is about hubbies.

So let's be thankful for all of our hubbies who actually get it and the hubbies who are learning to get it. Because that takes time too.

Do you have a Groupie Hubby?

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