Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Sticky Witness

Darth, my second son, is a gymnast/martial artist. Whenever he visits my mother, who lives next to an elementary school, he likes to swing on this high metal bar they installed for the kiddies.

There is this move both male and female gymnasts use in their bar routines called a giant. It's where the gymnast swings all the way around the bar with his two hands and in some cases, just one. It's a sight to see on the playground and that's where the problem lies.

Whenever Darth goes out to work on his "bar routine," he has to look both ways to make sure no one is watching, because people tend to stop and ask him questions. Darth, being the shy 16year old that he is, doesn't like people stopping. So whenever someone comes around (about every 3-5 minuets or so) Darth goes back inside.

One day, after nearly two hours of this, my mother took notice and asked, "Darth, what are you doing?" He explained his aversion to people watching him and his fear of them asking him questions. My mother than said, "Darth, if you don't speak to people, how are you ever going to tell them about Jesus?"

"Post-it notes," he replied and headed back outside to swing on the bar once again--the coast was clear.

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