Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Today, I Will Breathe for God

I spent my time in prayer, worship and Bible study this morning and found myself wondering about the wellbeing of one of the friends I pray for regularly.


What was she up to this week? How were things going in her family? I knew I could catch up with her just by visiting her Facebook profile, so I did.

On the page were several comments from friends sending their condolences to Heather over the passing of her friend, Liz. I scrolled down the page to try to find out what had happened to Liz and finally ended up on another blog. There I found Liz's husband journaling about her battle with cancer. And yesterday, he blogged about her passing away just moments before the post.

I found a lump in my throat immediately over the news. This man had just lost his dear wife and now would raise their two young children without her. "Oh, God, she was only 37.” So many thoughts troubled my mind. He lost his wife! Even though I did not know Liz, her husband’s words cut straight to my heart and caused me to take a very close look at myself.

Today I know he both feels sadness and relief that she will suffer no longer. But today, he also faces the rest of his life making decisions without his helpmate.

I think about my own husband at this time. How many times have I been so fed up with some of his idiosyncrasies that I’ve gone off to be angry by myself. How many times have I taken his presence in my life and his love for granted? I know far too many to count.

Here in my life, my five healthy children surround me, my husband is away working at his job and I sit in a warm dry house. My legs will carry me to the many errands I will need to run and my hands will type words today that I hope will change another person's life. My voice will whisper things of love to my family and perhaps tell a story or two into the waiting silence. I will bow my heart in prayer and it will beat for me every moment. My ears will hear the sound of laughter coming from the yard filled with healthy, playful children. I have a favorite collection of candles my children will ask me to burn this afternoon and I will breathe deeply and remember the flowers that bloomed once to create their scent. I will eat dinner later on and it will be delicious. I may even watch the stars come out. Then, when my day is done, I will lay my head down in my warm, soft bed and rest well tonight.

Life will go on for me and tomorrow I will have another opportunity to thank God. I pray that God will help me to savor every moment, in the time that He has allotted me, and that I will bring glory to His name.

Father in Heaven...let me never forget everything You have done for me. Let me breathe for Your glory today and by the way…Thank you.


Heather S. said...

Thank you, Ginger. Mark was the pastor who performed our wedding, and Liz was at the shower/ event that you attended the day before. I'm in Oregon again this week for the funeral. It's been awful to lose such a dear friend, and painful to see her suffering and the emotional suffering of her family and friends around her... but also tender, and real, and "good"

Heather S. said...

and "good" to just BE with Liz and her family, to set and tell stories and talk from the heart, and to love the kids while they play wildly around us. This is life, as we navigate death, and I am grateful for good friends. Thank you for your prayers and love.